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I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears.
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Q-1: What packaging do you use?

We will be using recycle paper for packaging which is biodegradable.

Q-2: What kind of dyes and colours are used?

We are using 100% natural dyes and colours which are derived from the fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers etc. Many of the Natural Dyes are medicines themselves as they are extracted from herbs which are good for skin too.

Q-3: What are the benefits of wearing organic cloths?

Organic fabrics are better than the conventional ones in many ways. Organic fabrics along with herbal dyes help in removing the toxic effect of the human body sweat. Moreover, it has positive impact on environment and society.

Q-4: How do toxic chemicals affect our body and skin?

Organic cotton is grown and processed without toxic chemicals that can be absorbed easily when in contact with the user’s skin. Pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals used to grow and process conventional cotton fabrics may go directly to the users blood stream, which consequently affect’s the body’s organs and tissues. Besides the naturally soft organic cotton fabric is a lot more comfortable to use and is available at competitive prices.

Q-5: Why Organic cloths cost more?

It is true that organic goods usually cost about 30-40% more to buy than normal set. Crop yields are often slightly lower than on conventional farms, harvesting is usually done by hand, and crop rotation is practiced in line with organic certification. Organic farmers are driven by quality and ethics rather than speed and quantity. Practically and economically it is initially difficult to switch to organic methods therefore fewer organic farms than normal ones. This makes finding organic produce all the more difficult.