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I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears.
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At Sahabhu, we attempt to do everything possible to reduce our environmental footprint, thus help to reduce carbon footprint too by producing natural items. Sahabhu is known for organic clothing collections which are beautifully designed & carefully manufactured GOTS certified organic and natural dyed clothes.

Sahabhu fashions, a brand with minimal design, attractive artwork, sustainable packaging that people love to choose.

Let us be responsible for a safer, better world for us and our children. Let us make the mother earth safer for farm workers and preserve the soil for long-term fertility. Sahabhu’s mission and appeal is to encourage people globally to promote organic cotton wear and fabrics.

Our Mission

  • Provide 100% genuine Organic Clothing to the world.
  • Our mission is to promote Organic Clothing made in India.
  • Healthy lifestyle using Organic fabric.
  • Support farmers to get fair price of their crop and workers to get wages they are entitled to, thus creating social values.
  • Protect the environment – NO pesticides, NO chemicals and NO pigment.

The motto is to step in to Organic world and provide pure organic clothing to the world.

We want to give the world pure, natural organic clothing to make it healthier and disease free. We want to divert people to natural and chemical free world by connecting them more to the earth. Cloth is one thing in constant touch of people’s skin and protecting us 24x7x365. Thus, people can live healthy life without medicines as many chemicals used in garments are causing skin diseases.

Another aspect of going Organic is to nurture and protect farmland from harsh chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides. This surely helps farmers in producing more yields due to organic farming and has monetary and social benefit in long run. The major benefit will be healthy life due to adopting Organic farming. It has also been proven that pesticides and chemicals which are used in farm causes cancer and many other diseases like asthma, lung disease, skin disease etc. by agriculture health study. This results into protecting healthy atmosphere, water, land and food for us and future generations.

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More over trending to the Organic world will make earth more Greener by conserving ecosystem….

Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

Sahabhu deals in wholesale clothing and provides beautifully designed, carefully manufactured GOTS certified organic and natural dyed fabric.

Sahabhu do not dwell in price war. We make sure that our pricing is calculated fairly to our customers and suppliers, thus full filling responsibilities toward society and organic community.

work which is important for struggling farmers and factory workers living.